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I believe many of us in early childhood have a knowing, of what we want to be when we grow up, I certainly did. Creativity has always been my escape, and a joyful one, to another colorful world. With each blink or gaze, I see continuous opportunity to capture scenery and feeling, in a photo, painting or story. "You Dream it I Paint it," I've been known to say and advertise. On the other hand, I dream it, hope you like it and if you do, I rejoice and Thank You. The cherished time I spend outdoors is an essential part of my rejuvenation and connection, keeping me grounded with our sacred Mother Earth. I was drawn to pick up a brush, and fill it with paint. Self taught I have been until a few years ago when I went back to school and earned a couple of Art Degrees. As young adult I developed into a Painter in the Trades and a Muralist. As the years pass, my direction and focus has been more on Canvas work but on occasion I still work a Mural and Paint in the Trades. My Vision is simply to continue my journey in the Arts as it allows me to be Me. My true and authentic self. Artist of the Heart, I am. Thank You , Blessings to You.


I create from my deep desires, experiences and sight. My heart yearns to dream, paint, photo,draw and write. What a blessing that others enjoy what I produce as well. I gravitate to the outdoors so I am in nature often. Its not possible for me to ignore my surroundings and our cherished wildlife. Although I am not presently working in a Animal Hospital , I am a licensed Veterinary Assistant. An active pull I feel to the Earth and the life it nurtures. It keeps me out and active, volunteering in areas of wildlife rescue, mainly Sea Birds. It is our enormous sacred Sea of life and loss that inspires me most often. If I had to choose a mission other than my heart being drawn to express my love for everything I see..then it would be to bring more awareness and continue to help save and restore our polluted Oceans, injured Earth and endangered Wildlife. "Just paint it" is another tag line I've been known to use. If I  just paint it,  I might restore or bring to light a subject,with a simple wet brush. With Gratitude, Thank You.

ABOUT ME...a Local So.Cal Beach Lady of the Arts..Painting with Love,Painted by Love


Jennifer Love


Onsite painting out doors is a pure delight for me. Here I am at the Ventura Harbor. Where I painted two large scale paintings for auction donation. 

Jennifer Love


Usually I paint in a Home Studio, as seen here. Preferable though, in a College Studio of the Arts, surrounded by other Artists and the energy that setting creates. 

Jennifer Love


Setting up shop in various places along the California Coastline is common and often where I make the best economic living. Meeting others and painting the beauty right infront of me.